Stunning voices, welcoming atmosphere with story-driven songs

From a "Joe's Cafe" review in Saskatoon: "Folksy and comfortable, the hour-long musical revue features songs about America — from the Civil War through present day — written by British ex-pat Rupert Wates. Based in New York City, the musician invites the audience into a friendly cafe to listen to tales of hope, sorrow, love and loss. Wates, whose guitar skills and vocals are excellent, performs his work with Meghan Lofgren and Tara Stadnyk, whose stunning voices add character to the musical stories. As the trio performs — usually with each singer taking turns with solo pieces — old photos (and sometimes photos made to look old) illustrate the emotions the songs work to invoke in the audience. From interracial marriage in the 1950s to travelling across the United States during the Great Depression, the images quietly add to the experience. A welcoming atmosphere with story-driven songs and lovely vocals..." (Cassandra Kyle, The StarPhoenix, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan)

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