From Victoria, BC, we find a final word from Indianapolis

As we wrap up our stand in Victoria, BC, and begin the journey to San Francisco, thought we'd share a last-minute review we discovered by Katelyn Coyne in Bravo Indianapolis:

"Joe's Cafe is the first and only concert show I've seen thus far in the 2010 IndyFringe. Singer-songwriter Rupert Wates presents an evening of original compositions based on tidbits of news and historical information he has collected over the years. Paired with two outstanding female voices, Wates picks away at the guitar with incredible skill. From an homage to the late great George Carlin to a dangerous retelling of police brutality in Queens, NY, Wates creates an experience that hearkens back to the hay day of folk music...a thoroughly enjoyable evening of toe tapping music..." (Katelyn Coyne, Bravo Indianapolis)

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