First reviews from 2011 IndyFringe

Stacey, Penelope and I are enjoying our run at the 2011 IndyFringe in Indianapolis. Here are the first two reviews here:

'Marvelous' | Wow—what a terrific show. The original songs are based on true stories, and the performers sang them with such skill and care. Such marvelous voices...these folks know how to interpret a song! (Mary Armstrong-Smith, 2011 IndyFringe audience reviews)

'Simply breathtaking' | Wow! What a show! I've rarely enjoyed a fringe show as much as I enjoyed this one. It far exceeded my expectations. The songs were beautiful and sung from the heart. Some of Rupert's lyrics were simply breathtaking. They reminded me of the best of Harry Chapin's story songs. [Rupert Wate's] guitar playing was exceptional and the two female singers were outstanding. My favorite song had to be The Skies of South Dakota. Stacey Lorin's near accapella vocals were hauntingly beautiful. [Penelope Thomas'] voice was incredible on Sally's Farm. You should definitely go see this show if you're a lover of music and lyrics. (Mike Smith, 2011 IndyFringe audience reviews)

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