Hamilton Fringe Reviews: 'Highly recommended for a change of pace and of heart'

Another Joe's Cafe live show review: This one from the Artword Theatre's 2010 Hamilton Fringe Reviews website

"Rupert Wates is a musician and song-writer and plays a mean guitar. Flanked in a simple setting by his two songstresses Stacy and Valerie (I think I’ve got their names right, as there’s no programme) the group takes us on an American journey through the 20th century. It’s a seamless and smooth trip, with only minimal intros by Wates, and a word or two from his partners. Val has the look and sound of the sixties, singing her ballads in the kind of defensive detachment we remember from seeing US TV and films of the period. She has a clear and convincing delivery. Stacy is warmer, evoking recollections of her country’s folk tradition, of snow falling in New York and tragic love in South Dakota. Wates takes centre stage with more of a poet-balladeer to his stories, touching on disparate subjects from George Carlin to the emotions of the American experience in their several wars. One senses his quiet leadership of the group, of the gentle director, like a leader of a commune. It is a real pleasure to hear and feel the sounds of our southern neighbours, and sense the genuine affection they have for their century of troubles and tendernesses. The less than an hour it takes seems too short. Highly recommended for a change of pace and of heart. It has five more performances to go, and the next is today, July 18, 3:30 pm at the Studio Space, Theatre Aquarius." (Tom Mackan - Fringe Reviews, July 18, 2010)

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