Joe's Cafe 'highly recommended'

We opened Joe's Cafe live at the Minneapolis Theatre Garage last night, and we were pleased to find the following review this morning about the performance ("Delivers exactly what is promised," by Sharon Kahn, Minnesota Fringe Reviews):

"There's no need to describe this show because the description on the show page is detailed and accurate. All you need to know is that the show delivers exactly what the description promises.

"The songs are simple, clear and poignant with lovely melodies and the musicians are very talented. Each song has a single lead singer (they take turns) with the others sometimes performing backup harmonies. All the singers have strong, sweet voices, making it easy to understand the lyrics (important with story songs!).

"My only nitpick is that some of the songs would have been more effective if the ending hadn't been telegraphed by the song introduction, or in one case by the title. Have the confidence to let the songs tell their own stories, folks! If you have to explain the context, do it afterwards so you don't steal the story's thunder.

"The Theater Garage is a great venue for this act. The open bleacher seating around a bare floor lends a feeling of intimacy that works well with the material, and the sound fills the space perfectly. Highly recommended."

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