'Joe's Cafe' reviewed in German magazine Folkworld

(Translated from German)

‘Welcome to Joe’s Cafe’ – so the audience is greeted by the singer in his first song. It is a friendly invitation that one is keen to accept and which one also does not regret. Fourteen true stories are recounted in his cafe, like growing up on a farm. Memories of a snowy day in New York are also provided. A stand-up comedian presents himself, and there’s a very beautiful story of an old man in the mountains, upon whose land a platoon of US soldiers in the Second World War took up their quarters, made tea and then moved on. All the stories are very well told. Rupert Wates plays guitar and has composed all the songs. The songs are sung by a range of guests in this imaginary cafe. Occasionally a violin supplies an accent that reminds one of coffee-house music. As a result, at several places you find yourself swaying along. However, several ballads and one blues on the CD make sure that this doesn't become a habit. The visit to Joe's Cafe is well worth it.

- Karsten Rube, Folkworld
Original review in German

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