Reviewer on 'Joe's Cafe' live in Ontario: 'Magic goes into overtime. Don't miss this show.'

At the opening night of "Joe's Cafe" live in Hamilton, Ontario, we were well received by the critics. Here's an excerpt from one review:

"The moment Rupert Wates strikes the first chord on his guitar and begins to welcome you, you will know you are in good hands and are in for a real treat. Wates, along with his two friends, Stacey Lorin and Valorie Miller, spend the next sixty minutes telling stories and creating poetry with music. Wates has a true poet's gift to create images that leave lasting impressions. How wonderful to encounter lyrics that tell stories again. They have been absent far too long. The other element of this wonderful evening is Wates's virtuosity on the guitar. Hie fingerpicking is mesmerizing, as are his melodies. His two friends display their own virtuosity as well, Ms Lorin with a haunting rendition of 'The Skies Of South Dakota', Ms Miller with the moving 'Darkness, Darkness'. When all three sing together the magic goes into overtime. Don't miss this show." (Reviewer: Tim Koetting)

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