'Hearty meal for the ears and the soul'

Review from the London Fringe, London, Ontario:

"Most Fringe shows are one story, or maybe two. At Joe’s Café, Rupert Wates and friends...tell more than a dozen true stories in song. Wates is British, but now lives in the U.S., and while these are songs of people from his adopted home, they ring true for all of us, with tales that are inspiring, sad, and honest. And equally important, the songs, all written by Wates, and accompanied by his skilled acoustic guitar playing, are well crafted and beautifully performed. While Joe’s Café doesn’t serve up traditional Fringe fare, it’s a hearty meal for the ears and the soul. (And you can get take-out: Joe’s Café is available on CD as well.) (Laurie Bursch, London Fringe Reviews, London, Ontario, June 18, 2011)

And a response: "Agree entirely. Wates pulled me almost physically into Joe's Cafe and I just sat down and was immersed in the "stories". Stacey Lorin, his wife and fellow performer, has such a lovely voice. The two of them are fine musicians, but, above all, each knows how to tell a story in song. A delightful performance. And I have the CD, so I can re-live the pleasure." (Joe, London Fringe Reviews, London, Ontario, June 19, 2011)

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