Looking ahead to spring, summer and Fringe Festivals

Joe's Cafe will be on the road again this spring and summer performing in Fringe Festivals in the U.S. and Canada. Additional details and dates will be announced soon, but here's what's on the calendar so far:

May 19-30, 2011

From San Francisco: 'A Musical Oasis'

Here's a review, entitled "A Musical Oasis," just posted on the San Francisco Fringe Festival website: "An engaging and refreshing respite: good for the spirit and for the soul. Harkens back to the earlier days of folk cafes with acoustic…

From Victoria, BC, we find a final word from Indianapolis

As we wrap up our stand in Victoria, BC, and begin the journey to San Francisco, thought we'd share a last-minute review we discovered by Katelyn Coyne in Bravo Indianapolis:

"Joe's Cafe is the first and only concert show…

After a long drive to Victoria, BC, performances well received

After a nearly 40-hour drive from Indianapolis, we arrived safely in Victoria, British Columbia, to perform in the Fringe Festival here. We've done two shows so far, and have received our first review:

"Wates writes songs with strong melodies…

More from Indy: 'A wonderful diversion'

Thank you to GS in Indianapolis for these kind words about our show: "This was a wonderful diversion from typical fringe fare, and a much needed respite. The simplicity of beautiful song punctuated by intricate guitar work and truly angelic…