Two more reviews from San Francisco: 'Arresting...' and simply, 'See it'

We have two more "Joe's Cafe" shows to perform in the San Francisco Fringe Festival—tonight (Saturday, September 17) at 9pm and tomorrow (Sunday, September 18) at 5:30pm. See our calendar for more information.

m'Arresting, heart-warming, and soulful' | "Beautiful, arresting, heart-warming, and soulful storytelling set to music. The different vocal styles of the four singers made the various songs seem both fresh and yet familiar. Truly an enjoyable evening, well worth your time!" (Sarah J. Lau, 2011 San Francisco Fringe Festival audience reviews)

'See it.' | "An hour of original music. Two men and two women. Some funny. Some touching. The themes of the songs are from (estimated), 1860′s through late 1960′s. Bring in a glass of wine or some other libation for this show. Then [sit] back and relax... This performance isn’t fringy. It’s just relaxing. See it." (Craig Kensek, 2011 San Francisco Fringe Festival audience reviews)

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