Many thanks to the IndyFringe audience members who authored these latest reviews

'Wonderful, masterful, must see' | "This was a very heartfelt show. All singers were really wonderful. The lyrics were masterful. This is a must see show. (Sue, 2011 IndyFringe audience reviews)

'Don't miss'
| "Joe's Cafe is a terrific performance by three very talented folks. I enjoyed every minute. Beautiful lyrics, stunning melodies, remarkable vocals, and virtuoso guitar. Don't miss this one! (John, 2011 IndyFringe audience reviews)

'Haunting with simplicity and beauty - Sweet' | "We chose this show at random, and we were stunned by the ability of these three performers to communicate their haunting tales with such simplicity and beauty. Every musical "story" created a clear picture in the mind of the listener, and each was tender in its own way. What a sweet, sweet show. We are so happy we stumbled into it. (Laura Harris, 2011 IndyFringe audience reviews)

'Best musical experience of my life' | "Joes cafe may be the best musical experience of my life. My heart was glowing and breakage at the same time. Amazing." (Tweet from Splanice on IndyFringe 2011 performance)

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